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We offer three levels of involvement:


Bring the Valor Robotics expertise into your team!


Creating a remarkable journey for our client is what makes us different from the competition. We strive to build meaningful relationships and exceed our client’s expectations!

To help us to match your needs with our capabilities, we developed our Valor Robotics Consulting Matrix. The consulting matrix below shows the types of support we provide our clients and the level of involvement we can engage with your team. Pick-and-choose from these options to get started in determining which services would be most suitable for your project.

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For those especially multi-faceted or daunting programs, Valor Robotics will help offload your management and technical effort by leading the planning, execution, or management of your program or sub-project tasks. Our team of senior technology and program leaders will provide end-to-end support of your team to manage the programmatic, financial, and technical strategies and execution to successfully reach your program goals.


Bring Valor Robotics on to collaborate as part of your team to leverage our direct hands-on support across all levels of your organization. With Valor Robotics as collaborators on board your program team, we are one with your mission and provide on-demand in-depth support to achieve your program goals. From strategy creation and project management to technology development and evaluation, our collaborative support will help your team design, create, and deliver the technologies you need.


With Valor Robotics advising your team, you will gain access to the proven technology and program management expertise of Valor Robotics. Our team will support your project management and senior technologists to evaluate goals and processes and provide recommendations that will set your program up for success. From strategic goal setting and risk mitigation to process optimization and technology pipelines, our advisory support will help your team set a clear path to accomplishing your project goals. 

​***Additional time may be considered upon request. Full-time equivalent (FTE) options may be considered upon request and will be advised based on project need. Material, equipment uses, and manufacturing expenses will be charged at cost on an as needed basis, with prior approval.

For further information and additional questions please fill out a form here:  

At Valor Robotics, we breakdown all technology programs into three main phases of execution:




Prior to starting any technology endeavor, there are a series of critical programmatic, technical, and financial questions that must be clearly addressed to define the program’s technology strategy and ultimately set your team up for success. With Valor Robotics on your Technology Strategy team, we will contribute to the evaluation of program goals, mitigation strategies for roadblocks ahead, and definition of a development pipelines that will help you reach your technology goals.


With your technology strategy in place, we must define our organization-team structure, communication channels, and technical execution processes. With Valor Robotics on your Program Management team, we will support your team’s coordination, progress tracking, risk mitigation, and damage control efforts throughout the successful execution of your program.


Time to get down to business. With the strategy and processes in place, the technology development team must investigate, analyze, build, refine, validate, and deliver the technology system(s) for your program. With Valor Robotics on your Research and Development team we will leverage our technical expertise and engineering facilities to support your research methods, development pipelines, and testing and evaluation processes to ultimately deliver well-engineered and validated technologies that meet your program needs.

Note: Specialized consulting and engineering services beyond the Consulting Matrix may be considered upon request. Approval and pricing of a specialized services package will depend on the specific needs of the client and their program.

For better understanding and visual overview of our existing services, we created a graphic representation of our matrix and consulting tiers. 

For further information and additional questions please fill out a form here:  

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