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Adaptable. Flexible. Rugged.

Soft robotic actuators provide versatile tools for maneuvering tight spaces, attaching to unpredictable surfaces, and handling delicate objects. Our hydraulic and pneumatic soft robotics can be custom-built to your operating environment and application, from deep-sea military operations to production-line tooling.


Check out how Zero-G Horizons is currently leveraging soft robotics for Naval EOD Operations.


Precise. Powerful. Pure.

Ultrasonic technologies utilize high-frequency vibrations to deliver energy to a surface or object for a variety of uses, from ultrasounds during pregnancy to ultrasonic welding in factories. By precisely modulating the intensity of ultrasonic energy, Zero-G Horizons has pushed ultrasonics into new domains and operating environments.


Check out how Zero-G Horizon uses ultrasonics for Naval EOD Operations and Marine Ecosystem Management.


Feel grounded. Anywhere.

From spinning carnival rides to watching videos of air force centrifuge training, you have likely witnessed the effects of centrifugal forces on the body. Zero-G Horizons creates rotational systems to generate such forces in space and enable a variety of mission-critical capabilities. Our technologies help take humanity one step closer to space commercialization and settlement.

Check out how Zero-G Horizons uses Artificial Gravity for Space Infrastructure.


See differently.

Computer vision opens our eyes through the lens of point-clouds, machine learning, and hyperspectral imaging. Machine perception also gives our devices the ability to understand and interact with our world in increasingly naturalistic ways. Zero-G Horizons utilizes computer vision in our systems to enable autonomous operation, adaptive motion planning, and safe human-machine cooperation.


Check out how Zero-G Horizons uses Computer Vision for Naval EOD Operations and Marine Ecosystem Management.


Purification. Storage. Transfer.

Spanning applications from transporting frozen foods to medical MRIs and propelling rockets into space, the world relies on safe and reliable cryogenic handling systems. The ultra-low temperatures of cryogenics, however, dramatically change material chemistry and make safe handling increasingly difficult. Zero-G Horizons works to enable safe and accessible cryogenics in space to support resource utilization demands and future human settlements.


Check out how Zero-G Horizons uses Cryogenics for Space Infrastructure.

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