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Valor Robotics offers design, prototype, and manufacturing capabilities to the engineering and technology development communities.

We produce precisely engineered prototypes for clients across a variety of industries.


Our end-to-end manufacturing process enables our clients to move smoothly from ideation and design, through to manufacturing and integration of their optimized components.
Tap into our Valor Robotics’ manufacturing capabilities and design for manufacturing expertise to support your technology development and production pipelines today!

For further information and additional questions please fill out a form here: 


To better understand the scope of our capabilities at each step of the manufacturing process, please review a sampling of our offered services below:



Leveraging Valor Robotics’ multi-disciplinary design team, you can come to us with part or system requirements (or just an idea) and our team will support you in designing the part you need. From computer aided design (CAD) to risk analysis, we ensure quality parts that meet your program requirements.


If you seek high-performance components or tightly integrated systems, Valor Robotics will augment your manufacturing services with part- or system-level optimization. Our in-house expertise for engineering simulations allows us to refine your components to meet complex structural, aero-/hydro-dynamic, and environmental loading conditions. Once refined, Valor will lastly optimize your part for manufacturing and assembly using DFMA methodologies.


With your optimized component design, you are ready for manufacturing! Valor Robotics’ facilities can support a variety of traditional and emergent manufacturing methods, from subtractive CNC machining, to complex additive manufacturing tools for unique material properties. Our team will support you in creating the parts you need while meeting your performance, budget, and program delivery timelines.




Industry OEM

Our services span the complete manufacturing pipeline:



To learn more about the diverse clientele we serve, go to our Services page here:


Our team is focused on machining parts for our customers that are highest quality in the market. Our team of engineers is ready to help during designing, optimizing to the standards and manufacturing part of the process. Our capabilities in manufacturing go beyond well those shown here. Reach out to learn more!

*Note: Specialized manufacturing and engineering services beyond the Capabilities Table may be considered upon request. Approval and pricing of specialized manufacturing or high-volume orders will depend on the specific needs of the client and their program.

At Valor, we support clients through their technology development pipelines, whether for education, public-government use, or industry production. From aerospace and marine grade materials, to components for STEM education programs, our expertise in manufacturing and prototyping will help you reach your goals.

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